Commercial (old)

At Genset, we have been servicing all brands of generators for commercial and industrial organizations, including factories, wastewater facilities, schools, hotels, fire stations, jails, 911 centers, stores, produce farms, and farm owners, for over 15 years.

We are a family-owned business and understand how important it is to never lose power. Our top-notch, trained staff is second to none. We provide dependable service and repair for anyone requiring routine maintenance on their generator, regardless of the manufacturer. Additionally, our emergency response team ensures a technician is always on hand when seconds matter and the mission is critical.

In addition, we offer service agreements at a discounted rate with a set fee and do not raise prices for three years. Regular preventative maintenance on your generators, including checking and changing oil, filters, coolant, and load banks (hooking up the load bank to test to ensure the generator will hold the electric), is key to keeping them running smoothly and ensuring they are there when you need them the most—during power outages, medical emergencies, tragedies, etc. In medical or data center applications, unscheduled downtime simply isn’t an option.